ACTIV-EU Ltd is a commercial and operations management company with services dedicated to products produced by 

Russian petroleum company Gazpromneft-Lubricants Ltd. 

About Us

ACTIV-EU is responsible for setting up the operational framework within which distributors of lubricants in defined regions in Greece conduct their sales.

The operational framework includes setting up commercial and pricing policy, gradual building of sales network and corresponding back-office support, selection of appropriate sales managers, as well as business ethics.


The company offers participation to the constantly developing lubricant sales network in selected countries through a funding scheme, whereby the investor can choose among various investment opportunities suited to their own needs and requirements. Available investment programs can accommodate every type of investor, ranging from small to large investors.


Quality control is of critical importance and we follow through in all stages of the lubricant life span. Certificates of analysis complement all products arriving from the respective production facility; specialised equipment is used on site, the lubricant state is monitored, allowing for change intervals per case and not only based on manufacturer generic guidelines.

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