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Optimal Performance in Every Climate

Premium Lubricants for Earthmoving Machinery

Discover the Superiority of Our Lubricants with an Extended Temperature Range

Tailored Lubricants for Earthmoving and Mining Equipment: Unleash Optimal Performance


Unlock the full potential of your commercial vehicle engines with OILGAS lubricants – meticulously crafted to deliver unmatched performance. Our specialized formulations boast a high viscosity index, ensuring optimal lubrication across a broad temperature range. With an elevated flashpoint, our lubricants guarantee enhanced safety and reliability even in demanding operating conditions. Additionally, the exceptional Total Base Number (TBN) levels in our products signify superior acid-neutralizing capabilities, prolonging engine life and promoting long-lasting efficiency. Trust OILGAS for lubricants that go beyond industry standards, providing the reliability and endurance your commercial fleet deserves.

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