Activ EU - the operator of Gazpromneft-SM in Greece, has been working with the entire product line for more than three years:

  • Consumer retail selling of automotive lubricants at gas and service stations

  • Lubricants for trucks and special vehicles

  • Lubricants for ships, from yachts to dry cargo ships


Marine Lubricants Logistic Services

Activ-EU Ltd offers a complete range of logistic services including storage and delivery of marine lubricants to all ports in Greece.

Warehouse facility in Koropi, Attica with over 1000 square meters storage space.
Fleet consisting of truck, van, tank trucks ensuring immediate delivery to the port of Piraeus. 
Agreements with professional transporting companies that offer timely and safe access to all Greek ports.

Technical support + Mobile laboratory for express oil analysis

Oil Analysis aiming to monitor the health of lubricants, detect faults and wear in machinery.

Market analysis and launching requirements for new lubricating products in the Greek market, based on real time, dynamic inflow of information, directly from the distribution network we manage.

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