Marine Lubricants Logistic Services

Activ-EU Ltd offers a complete range of logistic services including storage and delivery of marine lubricants to all ports in Greece.

Warehouse facility in Koropi, Attica with over 1000 square meters storage space.
Fleet consisting of truck, van, tank trucks ensuring immediate delivery to the port of Piraeus.
Agreements with professional transporting companies that offer timely and safe access to all Greek ports.



Marine Lubricants


Gazpromneft-Lubricants has a wide marine lube oils range for all kinds of shipboard equipment. The products are developed in accordance with modern international environmental standards and recommendations of the leading manufacturers of marine engines.

Industrial Lubricants


Gazpromneft product line comprises hydraulic, turbine, gear, compressor, and quenching oils, as well as lubricants for slide ways, paper-making machines and rolling mills.

For the production of its range of industrial oils, greases and technical fluids, Gazpromneft Lubricants partners the most reputable lubricant technology developers, such as Afton and Lubrizol. 

Agricultural Lubricants 


Gazpromneft-Lubricants, a Gazprom Neft subsidiary specializing in lubricants production and sales, received the official approval of MAN Truck & Bus AG corporate group for the fully synthetic universal energy-efficient G-Profi premium oil MSJ 5W-30. This product is designed for modern HGVs and freight trucks of such models as MAN TGA, TGL, TGM, TGX, and also for the European, American and Asian vehicles (construction, agricultural, off-road) working under various conditions - from moderate to extreme. 

Base oil


G-Base is the base oil produced by Gazprom Neft. Deep three-stage treatment with hydrogen at extremely high pressure and the use of a platinum catalyst allows to obtain the ideal structure of the base oil at the molecular level.

Commercial Vehicle Lubricants 


Gazpromneft-Lubricants unveils its new range of high-quality engine and gear oils for commercial vehicles. The Diesel series is developed to deliver outstanding protection of diesel engines in trucks, buses and construction equipment running under various operating conditions including the maximum speed and extreme loads. 

Passenger Vehicle Lubricants 


Gazpromneft Lubricants unveils its new range of high-quality engine and gear oils for passenger vehicles. The oils are designed to deliver reliable protection of engines in cars, vans and light trucks. Advanced properties of these oils make them suitable for use in new and high-mileage cars. 

G-Energy Service Project 


G-ENERGY SERVICE is Gazpromneft-Lubricants Ltd. international project on development of authorized service stations’ network.

All stations are united by operation in accordance with the cutting-edge international standards of customer service and by use of high quality lubricants of G-Energy and Gazpromneft brands.


Joining to the G-Energy Service program gives the partners the following benefits:

  • assistance in service stations branding in accordance with stringent program standards;

  • assistance in purchase of high-quality equipment for oil change;

  • uninterrupted supplies of premium lubricants to the station;

  • programs of personnel training and refresher training;

  • global advertising and information support of the project.

G-Energy Service develops rapidly in Russia, CIS, and Western Europe as well as in the Middle East countries and other operations areas of the company.  All service stations are complexes equipped with advanced process equipment complying with stringent standards of industrial and environmental safety.

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